Transporte eléctrico en América latina

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Pasado y presente
archived by 2003-2008

as of 12/2011: 1,440 pages, 3,072 photographs, 223 maps

Aracaju, Brazil: tramway history, map, 17 photographs new 12/2011!
The Trolley Café of Bogotá, Colombia: history, map, 27 photos
new 10/2011!
São Luís, Brazil, trams & trains: description, 4 maps, 30 photos
new 9/2011!
Current operations: what’s running today – quick inventory

The Tramways of Latin America in 2011 – descriptions, 20 maps, 36 photos
The Trolleybuses of Latin America in 2011 – 11 systems, 8 maps, 29 photos
Chronology: electric transport inaugurations 1883-2007
Chronology: electric transport closures 1898-
Battery-Powered Trams, Trains and Buses

Track gauges in millimeters and inch
Tramway pioneers: history, description, 16 photos
Tranvías pioneros: historia, descripción, 16 fotos
Trolleybus installations: dates and data
Trolleybus pioneers: history, description, 13 photos
Trolebuses pioneros: historia, descripción, 13 fotos
Association of American Geographers award for this site
Transport Maps drawn by Allen Morrison

«TROLEFOLIA» fotolog – 100 pictures of Brazilian trolleybuses
3 videos: Recife, Itatinga and Tirirical (São Luís), Brazil, in 1980

Páginas com textos em português
Páginas con textos en español

Page avec texte en français

Newark (NJ, USA) Broad Street Station Line
My bibliography: my 3 books on paper
Monsacro (Spain) blog on 10 of my illustrations
John Rossman’s Tram Views of Asia: 19 countries, 41 photographs

Argentina: Pedidos de Tranvías Eléctricos…new 11/2011!
Buenos Aires – all-time tramway map, 27 systemsnew 2/2011!
Buenos Aires – electric railways: map

Buenos Aires – tramway: commemorative postage stamps
Buenos Aires – Tren de la Costa: postcard views
Córdoba – trolleybus system: 6 photos, map
Mar del Plata – heritage tramway: description, map, 17 photos
Mendoza – Trams, Trolleybuses, Metrotranvía new 5/2011!

Mendoza – Tramvaie, Troleibuze, Metrotranvía – text in Romanian
Rosario – trolleybus line: 2 photos
Valle Hermoso – tramway: 2

The Tramways of Bridgetown, Barbados: history, 17 illustrations, map

The Tramways of Bolivia: history, maps, 102 illustrations
Los Tranvías de Bolivia: historia, mapas, 102 ilustraciones

The Tramways of Cochabamba: history, 28 illustrations, 2 maps
(More photographs of Cochabamba taken by Rodolfo Torrico Zamudio)
Los Tranvías de Cochabamba: historia, 28 ilustraciones, 2 mapas
(Más fotografías de Cochabamba tomadas por Rodolfo Torrico Zamudio)
The Tramways of La Paz: history, 54 illustrations, map
Los Tranvías de La Paz: historia, 54 ilustracion
es, mapa
The Tramways of Potosí: history, 9 illustrations, map
Los Tranvías de Potosí: historia, 9 ilustraciones, mapa
The Tramways of Oruro and Huanchaca: history, 4 illustrations
Los Tranvías de Oruro y Huanchaca: historia, 4 ilustraciones

The Tramways of Brazil: text (only) of my book
The Tramways of Brazil: complete, scanned, facsimile version of my book – 197 pages

«The Tramways of Brazil»: review of my book
The Trams of Brazil in the Photographs of Carlheinz Hahmann – 29 illustrations
Os Bondes do Brasil nas Fotografias de Carlheinz Hahmann – 29 ilustrações
Além Paraíba – tramway history, 11 illustrations, 2 maps
Aparecida + Guaratingueta: tramway history, 2 maps, 9 photographs

Aracaju, Brazil: tramway history, map, 17 photographs new 12/2011!

Belém – old trams & the new (2005!) line: history, 24 photos, map

Belo Horizonte tramways: history, map, 27 photographs
Belo Horizonte: 1963 photograph of a Marmon-Herrington trolleybus
Brasília – metro: 2 maps

Brasília – metro: 8 photographs
Brazil – first railroads and tramways: map
Brazil – light rail (Rio & Campinas): 11 pages, 29 photos, 2 maps
Campinas tramways: 2 pages, text, maps, 24 photos
Campinas tramway system map
Campinas VLT = LRV line, 1991-1995
Campos do Jordão – tramway: description, 40 photos, map
Campos do Jordão – tramway: map
Curitiba – tramway history, map, 18 illustrations
Curitiba – história dos bondes, mapa, 18 ilustrações
Itatinga – boat/tram video: 9 minutes, 1980
Itatinga – tramway: text, 2 photos
Macapá – pier tramway: description, 5 photos
Manaus – tramway history, map, 29 photographs
Piraju – tramway history, 2 maps, 22 illustrations
Piraju – história dos bondes, 2 mapas, 22 fotografias
Porto Alegre – tramway history, map, 22 photographs

Porto Alegre – história dos bondes, mapa, 22 fotografias
Recife – tramway history, map, 49 photographs

Recife – trolleybus system: history, 13 photos
Recife – trolleybus system: map
Recife – trolleybus video: 7 minutes, 1980
Rio de Janeiro – Alto da Boa Vista tramway: text, 11 photos
Rio de Janeiro – BarraShopping Monorail: 2 photos
Rio de Janeiro – Santa Teresa tramway: history, 37 photos
Rio de Janeiro – Santa Teresa tramway: map
Rio de Janeiro – Silvestre charter, 1996: description, 9 photos
Rio de Janeiro – Vila Jardim Santa Cecília monorail

Rio de Janeiro VLT = LRV line, 1982-1985
Rio Grande – tramway history, 3 maps, 28 illustrations
Salvador – elevators & funiculars: description, 11 photos
Salvador – rebuilt Pilar funicular: 10 photos by Raimundo Nonato

Salvador – suburban railway: description, 8 photos
Salvador – tram, train & metro: map
Salvador – tramway history, map, 42 photographs
Santos – article about my 1985 visit (in Portuguese)
Santos – preserved trams: 5 photos
Santos – tramway history, 31 photographs

Santos – map of tourist tramways
São Carlos – tramway history, map, 26 photographs
São Luís – tramway history, 4 maps, 30 photos new 9/2011!
São Luís (Tirirical) – tramway video: 7 minutes, 1980

São Paulo – trolleybus map from 2002
São Paulo – VLP or «fura-fila»: 6 photos
Sorocaba – tramway history, map, 25 photographs
Vitória & Vila Velha – tramway history, map, 31 photos
Votorantim – electric railway history, map, 26 photographs

The Tramways of Chile: text (only) of my book
Los Tranvías de Chile: versión en español de mi libro – 220 fotografías, 16 mapas!

American, Chinese, French & Swiss trolleybuses: 9 photos
Los Trolebuses Norteamericanos, Chinos, Franceses y Suizos: 9 fotos 
Iquique – tourist tramway: 2 pages, 19 photos, English text
Iquique – tranvía turístico: 19 fotos, texto en español
Iquique – tranvía antiguo/old tramway: 8 postales/postcards
The Trolleybuses of Santiago: Part A, 1940-1978 / Part B, 1991-1994 

Los Trolebuses de Santiago: Parte A, 1940-1978 / Parte B, 1991-1994  
The Trolleybuses of Valparaíso: Part A, 1952-1989 / Part B, 1990-2000
Los Trolebuses de Valparaíso: Parte A, 1952-1989 / Parte B, 1990-2000  

Los Trolebuses Pullman de Valparaíso  
Valparaíso’s famous Pullman trolleybuses
Valparaíso trolleybus line: my newspaper article
Valparaíso trolleybuses in Placilla 
Los Troles porteños en Placilla

The Tramways of Colombia: history, maps, 55 photographs
Los Tranvías de Colombia: historia, mapas, 55 fotografías

The Tramways of Bogotá: history, 24 photographs, map
Los Tranvías de Bogotá: historia, 24 fotografías, mapa

The Trolleybuses of Bogotá: history, 27 photographs, map  

Los Trolebuses de Bogotá: historia, 27 fotografías, mapa
The Trolley Café of Bogotá: history, map, 27 photos new 10/2011!
The Tramways (and trolleybuses) of Medellín: history, map, 13 photos
Los Tranvías (y trolebuses) de Medellín: historia, mapa, 13 fotos  

The Tramways of Panama City: history, 19 illustrations, 2 maps
Los Tranvías de Ciudad de Panamá: historia, 19 ilustraciones, 2 mapas

The Tramways of Costa Rica: 4 systems, 4 maps, 21 photographs
The Tramways of Puntarenas, Cartago, San José & Guácimo

The Tramways of Cuba: 14 systems, 118 photographs, 9 maps
Cuban Tram Stamps (images copied from the website above!)
Los Sellos Cubanos de Tranvías (versión en español)

The Tramways of Ecuador: Guayaquil, Quito – history, maps, photographs
Los Tranvías de Ecuador: Guayaquil, Quito – historia, mapas, fotografías

The Tramways of Guayaquil – history, 2 maps, 27 photographs
Los Tranvías de Guayaquil – historia, 2 mapas, 27 ilustraciones
The Tramways of Quito – history, map, 17 photographs

Los Tranvías de Quito – historia, mapa, 17 fotografías
The Trolleybuses of Quito – history, map, 62 illustrationsrevised site  

Quito – trolleybus line: Kiepe mouse pad

The Tramways of San Salvador, Santa Tecla, Sonsonate: 34 illustrations, 2 maps
Los Tranvías de San Salvador, Santa Tecla, Sonsonate: 34 ilustraciones, 2 mapas

Guatemala: Quezaltenango Electric Railway: history, 19 photos, 2 maps
Guatemala: FC Eléctrico de Quezaltenango: historia, 19 fotos, 2 mapas

The Tramways of Georgetown, British Guiana: text, map, 12 pictures

The Tramways of Haiti: Port-au-Prince – history, map, 16 photos
Les Tramways d’Haïti: Port-au-Prince – histoire, mapa, 16 fotos


The Tramways of Kingston, Jamaica: history, map, 17 photos
(page above recycled by

The Tramways of Mexico: 46 webpages, 272 photographs, 21 maps
Guadalajara – rough map of new Tren Ligero line 3
Guadalajara – old Tren Eléctrico map

Monterrey – metro: map
The Very Narrow Gauge Railways of Yucatán in 1988 & 1989 new 3/2011!

The Tramways of Panama: Panama City – history, 18 pictures, 2 maps
Los Tranvías de Panamá: Ciudad de Panamá – historia, 18 fotos, 2 mapas

The Tramways of Paraguay: Asunción – history, map, 18 photographs
Los Tranvías de Paraguay: Asunción – historia, mapa, 18 fotografías

Asunción – tramway: condom car

The Tramways of Peru: Lima, Arequipa, others – texts, maps, 97 pictures
Tranvías en el Perú: Spanish-language version of above by Luis A. Ramírez
Cybertheft – my photos & map stolen by a Lima newspaper!
The Tramways of Arequipa: history, map, 19 illustrations
The Tramways of Lima: history, map, 69 illustrations
Tranvías de Lima [en español]: historia, mapa, 69 ilustraciones
The Other Tramways of Peru: history, map, 23 illustrations
Lima (Barranco) heritage tramway: text, 15 photographs
Lima metro & tramway map

The Tramways of Puerto Rico: San Juan – description, map, 33 photographs
Los Tranvías de Puerto Rico: San Juan – descripción, mapa, 33 fotografías
The Tramways of Mayagüez: history, map, 22 illustrations
The Tramways of Ponce: history, maps, 16 illustrations


The Trams & Trolleybuses of Trinidad & Tobago: text, 3 maps, 27 pictures

pages from other sources, websites, documents, news articles, etc.

The Tramways of Venezuela: history, maps, 67 pix
Los Tranvías de Venezuela: historia, mapas, 67 fotos
Caracas – tramway history, 32 photos, satellite view, map 
Caracas – historia del tranvía, 32 fotos, vista satelital, mapa
Carúpano – tramway history, 7 photos, maps
Carúpano – historia del tranvía, 7 fotos, mapas
La Guaira & Caracas Railway – history, map, 23 illustrations
Ferrocarril La Guaira y Caracas – historia, mapa, 23 ilustraciones
Maiquetía, La Guaira & Macuto – tramway history, 18 photos, map
Maiquetía, La Guaira y Macuto – historia, 18 fotos, mapa
Maracaibo – tramway history, 10 photos, 2 maps

Maracaibo – historia, 10 fotos, 2 mapas
Mérida – trolleybus system: description, map, 29 illustrations
Mérida – trolleybus system map

Valencia – tramway history, 8 photos, map
Valencia – historia del tranvía, 8 fotos, mapa
Valencia – metro: 2 photos of first cars

This website was launched on 11 July 1998 and celebrated its 12th birthday on 11 July 2010.
The author welcomes additions, corrections and suggestions. Please email me!

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